About Us

The Academy


The Academy is an Early Childhood educational program offered through SAFE Haven of Racine, together with a love of teaching and a strong curriculum base our teachers strive to enhance the development of young people. The learning environment, activities, and daily schedule engage spiritual, social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative development through hands-on activities, mealtimes, free and structured play times. By providing an open and welcoming environment our teaching staff has developed a supportive relationship with each student and their families. Our goal is to encourage curiosity while building self-confidence and an overall love of learning.   The Academy is licensed to care for children 6 weeks old -  Kindergarten.



 Our first goal is to offer a child-centered curriculum that allows students to develop their God-given potential. Our second goal is to promote curiosity which will lead to developmental, cognitive and spiritual understanding and growth. Our ultimate goal is to create a love of learning. 



 A curiosity inspired approach to education is not a new concept, although some may still find it a bit unconventional.  We here at the Living Hope Academy take each student’s personality, interests, and abilities into consideration when developing a lesson.  Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Amelia Earhart are just a few famous individuals who allowed their curiosity to lead them into greatness and our history books.  By presenting high standards and clear expectations from our staff, students, and their families we will be able to implement a variety of lessons inspired by Science, Language, Reading, Math, and Theology throughout daily activities.  This cross-sectional teaching approach gives every student an important role in creating their learning environment, which gives each child a sense of purpose and self-worth.